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Welcome to Gleason Research!

Gleason Research is an authorized supplier of the MIT Handy Board. We're also the supplier of the powerful Super Cricket.

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Our Super Cricket!

We have the powerful Super Cricket in stock! Now you can have 4 DC motor ports, 6 sensor ports, and 8 servo outputs, all in a package the same size as the original Handy Cricket!

The Super Cricket sells for $99 individually. It is also available in a complete starter kit. The USB version is $149.


Q. Are there any special accessories available for the Cricket?
A. Yes! The 4-Digit LED Number Display lets the Cricket show numbers from 0 to 9999 on a bright, beautiful LED display (upper image). This is the first Bus Device available for the Handy Cricket. Part number CX-4DIGIT sells for $29.

Also, there is the Lamp/Relay Driver Board, which can separately control seven incandescent lamps, relays, LEDs, or small motors. This is part number CX-LEDLAMP and it also sells for $29.

Also, there is the Motor/Sensor Expansion Board, which adds outputs for two DC motors and four analog sensors. This is part number CX-MSEXP and it also sells for $29.

Also, there is the 8-Servo Controller Board, which adds outputs for 8 standard RC servo motors. This is part number CX-SERVO and it also sells for $29.

Q. Do you have any pre-wired modules for use with the Super Cricket?
A. Yes, we have a series of prewired sensors and a DC motor. Click on the any of the images below for more info.

Company Info...

GR Mailing Address: For university purchase orders and orders by check, please mail us at: Gleason Research, P.O. Box 1494, Concord MA 01742.

information: For more information, price quotes, or other requests and questions, please email us at: info@gleasonresearch.com

You can place an order from our secured web page or by fax at any time.

Secure ordering is available directly from our web page. Click on the "Secure" button to the left to place your order safely and conveniently from your web browser. Thank you and please contact us if you have any questions.

California Sales: We are a registered merchant in the state of California. Our Board of Equalization ID number is 100-725963.

At Gleason Research, we are committed to providing the best possible customer service. We sell fully assembled & tested Handy Board systems, complete with everything you need to get your Handy Board up and running: the main Handy Board (with plastic enclosure to hold the batteries), serial interface/charger board, DC wall adapter, Handy Board Technical Reference, and computer cables.

Our Handy Board systems are in stock for immediate delivery. We want you to be satisfied with your Handy Board purchase, and will make every effort to be responsive to your needs before and after your purchase.


Thanks for visiting.